Open Studio

Open Studio is open

Teton Arts Council Members can come into the studio to CREATE!
The studio is open from 8am – 9pm daily.

If you haven’t made ceramics before, click here to learn about lessons!


Buy an Unlimited Monthly Access Pass, a Punch Card, or a Single Use Pass.  Choose the option that works best for your schedule and your project here.

Please make sure that your Membership is current.  You can renew your membership here, Email to check if your membership is still active.

Buy clay here.

Sign up for a 3-hour time slot here.

Teton Arts Studio Use Guidelines:

  • There will now be slots available for THREE STUDIO USERS at a time.  Please communicate openly to ensure that you feel safe and distanced and able to use the studio comfortably.
  • If you prefer to use the studio privately, sign up for all three slots. 1 slot per punch is expected.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or put on gloves upon entry to studio
  • Punch your card and date it each session. Cards locate in black box.
  • Clay will be available for purchase on-line, or with check.  $25 / bag.
  • Avoid touching another’s pieces, station, or  tools.
  • Begin clean up so you are ready to leave at the end of session
  • Before you leave clean your tools, buckets, brushes, station with soap and water.
  • Put clay scraps in the large slurry bucket, rinse your tools etc in the bucket then wash them with soap and water.  Wash studio sponges with soap and water and leave to air dry.
  • Before you leave put your clay, tools, etc. away.
  • Use disinfectant (spray bottle provided) to wash down stations, seats, anything touched.  spray alcohol and let air dry.
  • Have fun.  Respect the studio and other user by maintaining a clean space