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2021 FREE Community Counseling Program

FREE Mental Health Services available to Teton Valley residents

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  • Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed?
  • Has your mental health been negatively impacted by recent events?
  • Would you benefit from speaking to a professional mental health counselor?
  • Are financial concerns preventing you from seeking out counseling?

If you answered YES to any of these questions and you currently reside in Teton County, ID or Alta, WY, local help is available!

The Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition’s Community Counseling Program offers up to six FREE counseling sessions for local residents in need.


Client participation is limited to local residents, defined as those who:

  • Currently reside in Teton County, ID or Alta, Wyoming; and
  • Are experiencing a mental health crisis or emotional distress; and
  • Are unable to obtain or pay for mental health counseling through health insurance, private means, or are otherwise ineligible to receive mental health services through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.


To access this program, interested Teton Valley residents can contact any one of the following Participating Providers of their choice to check the therapist’s current availability, determine their eligibility for free counseling, and schedule an appointment:

  2021 Participating Providers  

Due to increased need, some counselors schedules may be filling quickly.
Please note that we will be adding to this list of available counselors shortly.
For the latest updates, go to

  • Sandi Bills, LCPC – (208) 787-9804
    Ages: Adults & Couples
  • Jennifer Carter, LCPC – (208) 390-0988
    Ages: Adults & Adolescents
  • Jeff Decker, LCPC (Adults) – (307) 699-3077
    Ages: Adults
  • Amy Herzog, LCSW – (307) 690-0639
    Ages: Adults, Adolescents, Children & Families
  • Megan O’Brien, LCSW – (208) 243-8507
    Ages: Adults, Adolescents, Children (10 years or older)
  • Lou Parri, LCSW – (208) 354-3128
    Ages: Adults, Couples & Families
  • Christina Riley, LCSW – (307) 730-7060
    Ages: Adults & Couples
  • Adam Williamson, LCPC – (208) 705-7898
    Ages: Adults & Couples


Art can be a healthy way to process things as we navigate life.  Our building is open and warm and we are creative and open to how it could serve you during this dark and distant winter.  You can learn new things or tap into past crafts, we would be thrilled to have you show up and make!!

  • Come make things!  We have the tools for pottery, drawing/painting, printmaking and stained glass
  • Volunteer to positively contribute and have a different kind of reason to leave the house!  We would love to see you.
  • There are both scholarships available and donations available. Teton Arts strives to make art experiences accessible and affordable for all!

Art can help connect us and give us a coping mechanism, communication tool, community involvement and lovely purpose, but if you would like other helpful health resources in our community, visit the wonderful sites below:

Teton Valley Mental Health Coalition

Family Safety Network

Teton Valley Health

Community Resource Center

Suicide Information